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Clubs, organisations etc.
  • FIFé Fédération Internationale Féline
  • NORAK Norwegian purebred cat club
  • NRR Norwegian cats' National Association

  • Maine Coon breeders
  • (N) Ann Tove's Maine Coon
  • (N) Bargello Maine Coon
  • (N) Mydeles Maine Coon
  • Coppermines Maine Coon
  • Cortex Maine Coon
  • Escape's Maine Coon
  • FelixCoon (IT) Maine Coon
  • S* Cicceorina's Maine Coon
  • S* Topzytails Maine Coon
  • Soroyas Maine Coon
  • Vingilot*CZ Maine Coon

  • Exotic / Persian breeders
  • (N) Herkules
  • (N) Stronda's
  • Av Flamingo (N)
  • Bjønnåsen's Persian & Exotic

  • Other breeders
  • (N) Annkriols Norwegian Forrest Cat
  • (N) Cat Baloo's Sacred Birman
  • (N) Oracles Abyssinian
  • Allevamento della Flata Morgana British, Exotic Shorthair & Persian
  • Cavallino's British Shorthair
  • Reidun`s Cat Site
  • Reyjas Cat House

  • Other
  • (N) Faleegaard Kat.4
  • Catzone
  • Dyreidentitet
  • IdéSnekkerne Webdesign
  • World Wide Cats