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About Us
In 1974 I bought my first cat, a black Persian girl from Gjøvikodden Cattery.
During her first show in Bora¸s I found my second cat.

The Swedish judge and honorary President of FIFe, Alva Uddin had a large cage, beautifully decorated and with cute kittens. I fell head over heel for a little seal pointed colourpoint girl. Gradually I got more and more cats. White and bicolour was the most exiting to breed. Later the interest for Exotics started to arise, a breed that Mona Anisdahl and I put a lot of work into. Our first goal was to get the breed approved in Norway and then to breed kittens of high quality both for breeding and showing.

My husband, Rolf and I were all these years active in our club. Rolf was NORAK's President for many years and also very active in our federation, NRR at the same time. He worked hard to get sponsors for our federation and this enabled us to buy the first cages and a bus to bring them around in. It was a time with a lot of hard work and time together with a lot of good friends.

The years went by and we became grandparents, something we appreciated a lot. An era in my life was over or so I thought.... But after a break we are back with a new breed!!

Our grandchildren fell in love with an advertisement from (N) Honey Hill's in Aristokatt. After having saved up enough money, Lita entered our lives and she really is the cat with a capital C. Lita had her first litter in March 2003, 6 beautiful kittens. We are so lucky that 5 of them still live in the neighborhood. The last one went by train to Mo i Rana, but the owners keep us updated.
Contact information
Wenche Sonja Halvorsen
Tel:47 66 91 93 62 / +47 911 30 543
e-mail: wenche@sos-as.no

Therese Halvorsen:
Tel: +47 951 85 747
e-mail: therese1806@gmail.com